Citadel Showcased at DataDays 2014!

Flemish ICT Minister Geert Bourgeois and United Nations eGovernment Advisor Richard Kerby recently awarded - at DataDays 2014 - a ‘Global Entrepreneur Award’ on behalf of Citadel-on-the-Move and the Linked Organization of Local Authorities to William Colglazier, age 9, and Alexander Glidden, age 8, for their new mobile App @Me-on-the-Move.  The App breaks new ground by working in cities from Europe, North America and Africa.

‘The hardest part about making the app,’ William said, ‘was getting the data.  When I first asked for Open Data at my Town Hall the lady really didn’t understand what I was talking about.’  William and Alex approached public administrators in York, Maine and Holyoke, Massachusetts USA and Cape Town, South Africa to ask for data about upcoming events in the cities.  ‘I had to keep repeating that I needed the data in an excel spreadsheet,’ Alex commented, ‘because the person I was talking to kept telling me to go to the website.’

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Citadel at 2014 Future Internet Assembly

What is Citadel? 

Citadel helps you use Open Data to create Mobile Apps that make your city a smarter place to live.  Anyone can use this site to create an app like the one below.  

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