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Friday , April , 20 2018
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Public Toilets in Aberdeen

Dataset file:ABERDEEN - public toilets.csv

Published on: by RS

Thomas test citadel 14-10 2

Dataset file:ok

Published on: by Thomas

Thomas Test

Dataset file:1415549170athens_locations_v1.0.xlsx

Published on: by Thomas

Thomas Test

Dataset file:1416679146athens_locations_v1.0.xlsx

Published on: by Thomas

Thomas Test

Dataset file:1415644015athens_locations_v1.0.xlsx

Published on: by Thomas

EU Commission buildings in Luxembourg

Dataset file:Luxembourg

Published on: by PK

WiFi in Vilnius

Dataset file:VLN WIFI.xlsx

Published on: by PK

Day care facilities in Breman

Dataset file:KiTa_Daten

Published on: by PK


Dataset file:libraries

Published on: by http://opendata.comune.ravenna.it/dataset/biblioteche

WiFI in Riga

Dataset file:Riga WiFI.xlsx

Published on: by PK

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